Swiss line

A blend of Swiss science and genuine glamour… what more could you ask for in an anti-aging skincare brand? Our precise formulations offer discerning women not only measurable results, but also luxurious rituals to last a lifetime. In skincare, luxury means, above and beyond anything else, visible results! But, the feeling of pure and unadulterated pleasure… from sensuous textures to pampering regimes – can’t be underestimated.

Swiss line has fashioned a new term to encompass its unique approach to skincare: glamscience. Meant to convey that the brand is serious enough to convince doctors, yet glamorous enough to seduce women.

With five consumer ranges to choose from – Cell Shock, Cell Shock White, Cell Shock Age Intelligence™ Force Vitale and Water Shock – Swiss line has something for everyone.

Cell Shock

Glamorous, yet results-oriented, the Cell Shock collection combats wrinkles and loss of firmness. It is the very heart and soul of the brand.

Cell Shock White

Merging the best in anti-aging skincare with the most advanced brightening technologies, the products in this collection are gems… in fact, the star product, Brightening Diamond Serum has real diamonds in it!

Cell Shock Age Intelligence™

These are the ideal products to be used following an invasive/non-invasive aesthetic procedure. Formulas revolve around Madecassoside®*, an active derived from the plant Centella asiatic, proven to rebalance the skin’s self-renewal processes. It is used in the formulas as a post-procedure solution to counteract the side effects of peelings, lasers or abrasions.

Force Vitale

A pure delight, this beautiful botanical collection inspired by the Alpine ecosystem allows you to customize a skincare regimen that is as unique as your skin.

Water Shock

With mineral-rich water from a Unesco site in Switzerland, this collection of paraben-free, silicon free and allergen free cleansers and toners will delight your senses and refresh your skin.

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