A gel-in-essence formula that offers so much more than a classic tonic lotion as it enhances the effectiveness of all other products that follow its application, while improving the texture of the skin and reducing the appearance of age spots. 
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Formulated specifically for daytime performance, this light-to-medium textured moisturizer provides a healthy-looking complexion from the very first application. It works to brighten the complexion and safeguard the skin from urban stress and environmental assault.
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Mineral ingredients protect skin against drying effects of the sun. Biotic-Shield Complex protects the skin against the abuse of the elements. Together they help to prevent the look of aging. Light enough to be mixed into foundation or CC creams for satin-smooth application.
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Offering double the efficacy of other serums of its kind, the see-through chamber houses an award-winning Peptide that instantly smoothes wrinkles and real Diamond Clusters for a radiant complexion. The ingredients of the pearlescent rose serum, with regular use, help address uneven complexions and reduce the appearance of age spots.
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Nourishing, this rich consistency cream helps to reduce the appearance of pores and age spots, as well as a brighter complexion with a smoother texture. The ingredients contained in this cream help to improve the skin’s own overnight recovery abilities.
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This non-drying cream mask, with silk brush for an even and smooth application, remains creamy comfortable until removed. Formulated as an all-in-one facial mask, it intensively hydrates the skin and reduces the look of pores. The complexion looks instantly brighter. To be applied once or twice a week on a perfectly cleansed face as part of the Cell Shock White skincare routine.
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