Spa Philosophy

Understanding that everyone’s skin is unique and needs to be treated accordingly, the Swiss line treatments are designed to be customized.

Prior to each treatment, the aesthetician will conduct a skincare consultation to assess the skin condition in order to fine-tune the treatment for the best possible results.

 A Swiss line Diagnostic Analysis will also be performed in select locations.

Swiss line has designed seven facial treatments that incorporate potent 'actives' to address the skin`s specific skin condition: wrinkles/fine lines; overall need of repair and regeneration; facial sagging; sun damage, pigmentation and uneven skin tone; dry, uncomfortably tight, thirsty skin; impure skin and enlarged pores; sensitive skin.

The treatments are developed to offer immediate visible results while emphasizing a long term approach to skin care that provides lasting benefits.

The treatments offered combine professional advanced skincare products with the expertise of our highly trained therapists. All the treatments begin with a “Tri-Phase Peeling,” as one of the most common skin problems is an excessive build-up of dead skin cells. This triple exfoliation with fruit acids loosens and removes the layer of dead cells (keratinocytes) on the skin’s surface (the stratum corneum) to reveal the smoother, healthier-looking layer below. Our “Tri-Phase Peeling” system can improve skin color, tone and elasticity of the skin, while also preparing it for the immediate absorption of our medical-grade ingredients.

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